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Exeter Friends


Set up on July 26, 1737 as Oley Monthly meeting by Philadelphia Quarterly. Meetings were held in meeting house of Oley Preparative near the home of George Boone, Jr., the first clerk. In 1742, the name was changed to Exeter to reflect the erection of Exeter township.

The Hicksite branch was still in existence as late as 1888, but there is no further information about it.

The Orthodox branch was discontinued in 1899 and its members attached to the Arch Street Meeting in Philadelphia.

In 1949, a meeting for worship known as Old Exeter Particular was established under Caln Quarterly that became Exeter Monthly in 1955.

Pre-Separation or Orthodox: Exeter Preparative, Maiden Creek Preparative, Robeson Preparative, Tulpehocken Indulged, Reading Preparative, Pottstown Indulged, Catawissa Preparative, Roaring Creek Indulged, Fishing Creek Indulged, Pottsville Indulged.

Hicksite (under Philadelphia Quarterly): Maidencreek Preparative and Pottsville Indulged


191 Meetinghouse Road
Douglassville, PA 19518

Exeter Marriage Records to 1800

Records of Marriages from Exeter Monthly meeting

Richard Penrose of Maiden Creek in co. of Phila. and Margaret Wright, 29th of 8th month 1745.

Moses Starr and Margary Pearson, both of Maiden Creek, Berks Co., 20th of 6th month 1753.

Joseph Lightfoot of Maiden Creek Township in Berks Co. and Deborah Hutton of same place, 11th of 7th month 1759.

James Hutton son of Nehemiah Hutton of Maiden Creek, Berks Co., late deceased and Hannah Lee daughter of Anthony Lee of Oley, county aforesaid, 17th of 11th month, 1757.

Pottsville Indulged (Hicksite - Historic)

Existence Date Range: 

According to the WPA Inventory of Church Archives for the Society of Friends in Pennsylvania, this meeting was established in 1831 by Exeter Monthly meeting (Hicksite) after the division of the original Pottsville Indulged meeting: