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Common Quaker Terms

  • ack

    Acknowledgement: A formal, written statement of apology by an offending member for having acted contrary to discipline

  • ami

    Announced marriage intentions

  • amist

    announced marriage intentions a second time

  • Birthright member

    A person born to parents who are Quakers

  • bur


  • cert

    certificate: A statement issued by a monthly meeting to a person (or persons) transferring their membership to another monthly meeting. Also a marriage certificate.

  • com

    complained, complained of: A person could be complained of for an act which was contrary to the rules and advices as outlined in the Discipline.

  • con mcd

    condemned their marriage contrary to discpline

  • con mou

    condemned marriage out of unity

  • Convinced Friend

    A person wishing to become a member of a Quaker meeting

  • dau


  • dec


  • dis

    Disowned: The involuntary termination of membership in a meeting, thus denying that person access to the business of the meeting. In most cases, a person would still to able to attend meetings for worship, but would no longer be able to share in the consensus of the meeting. Generally, the person would be notified of their actions contrary to discipline and warned of the possibility of disownment. If that person then acknowledges their transgression in the form of an acknowledgement, they generally would not be disowned.

  • dp

    dropped plain dress and/or speech

  • dr

    drinking spiritous liquor to excess

  • FBG

    Friends Burial Ground

  • FMH

    Friends meeting house

  • gct

    granted certificate to

  • glt

    granted letter to

  • ltm

    liberty to marry: When a couple would announce at monthly meeting their intention of marriage, a committee was appointed to investigate "their clearness" and report to the next monthly meeting, after which time the couple were "left at liberty to marry."

  • mbr


  • mbrp


  • mcd

    married contrary to discipline

  • MM

    monthly meeting

  • mos

    married out of Society

  • mou

    married out of unity

  • mtg


  • mvd


  • neg att

    neglecting attendance

  • ou

    out of unity

  • PM

    preparative meeting

  • prc

    produced a certificate

  • QM

    quarterly meeting

  • rcd


  • rm

    reported married

  • roc

    received on certificate

  • rpd

    reported: When a member was found to have acted contrary to the rules and advices as outlined in the Discipline, he was reported to (or complained of for) the monthly meeting. The meeting then appointed a committee to treat with him and report their finding. Usually they reported "treated with satisfaction," and he condemned his misconduct. If not it was reported "treated without satisfaction" and he was disowned. Any one disowned had the right of appeal to the Quarterly Meeting and the Yearly Meeting.

  • rqc

    requested certificate

  • rst


  • upl

    using profane language

  • YM

    yearly meeting