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A Bit of a Mystery

I've spent a good bit of this weekend browsing the net looing for references to the old Quaker meeting at Diamond Ridge and stumbled upon another meetinghouse, the history of which remains a total mystery to me. In the little village of Dickeyville onthe border of the city line, lies a stone building that was erected in 1849 as a Quaker meeting house on land donated by the Wethered family. It was later turned into a Methodist church and is now a private residence. It would truly tbe nice to know a bt more about the meeting, thoguh at least I do knwo where it is located.

Big Changes!

We've migrated this site to a new server and a new structure while we're were at it. This means for the next several weeks, you can expect to see a lot of changes here. All of the information about individual meetings wil be collected under the heading of Meeting Data (see the menu at the top of each page). It is a drop-down style that should allow you to get to the main directory for each meeting. We have included a lot of information about meetings that no longer exist, which be noted in their names as historic.


Not too surprising, considering the rather dangerous weather that is being forcast for this weekend in our area, local events coordinators are having to change thier plans. At this point, I have heard from those in charge of the open house at Homeville Friends meeting this Sunday and they are confirming that the opening will not take place this year. I will assume that the others, at Kennett and Penns Grove are likely to be cancelled as well, but I do not have contacts for those. Rather than taking chances on dangerous eweather conditions, stay safe and stay home!