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Historic Weather

Just in case anyone on the East Coast forgets, a fairly substantial earthquake was felt by many in the Mid-Atlantic region yesterday around 2 in the afternoon. I was in Stewartstown (Southern York county) at the time and felt it rather mildly, but ot was a very definite quake and something we just aren't used to confronting in this part of the country. And now, to follow on its heels, we have a major hurricane heading our way this weekend!

Hidden Graveyards

One of the issues facing Quaker researchers is dealing with tracing records of the meetings that were impacted by the Great Separation of 1827. In many cases, the Separation resulted in separate meeting houses and burial grounds being created for the meetings within each faction. Because the Hicksite branch was more prominent through much of the Mid-Atlantic area, it is mostly the Hicksite branch meetings that survived over time to become modern day monthly meetings after the two main branches reunited.