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West Grove Monthly

West Grove

West Grove Monthly was set up from New Garden Monthly in 1919, receiving its membership from the original West Grove Preparative. The meetinghouse and grounds had been retained by the Orthodox portion of the original West Grove Preparative meeting.


153 East Harmony Road
West Grove, PA 19390
Phone: 610-869-2143

Colora Meeting (historic)


Corncake Row, Colora, Cecil County, MD

The history of Colora is a bit hard to decipher. A listing for the structure on the Maryland Historical Trust site states: "The Colora Meeting House was built in 1841 because of a doctrinal division in West Nottingham Friends Meeting."

A listing discussing the Primitive Friends meetings regarding a Nottingham Monthly Meeting states "Meetings were held alternately in the Nottingham and Little Britain meeting houses, located respectively in Colora, Cecil County, Md., and Ballance's located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania."

New West Grove Meeting (Hicksite - Historic)

New West Grove
Existence Date Range: 
1827 to about 1920

Since the Orthodox portion of the original West Grove Preparative had retained the early meetinghouse and grounds, the Hicksite portion established a new meetinghouse for themselves on State Road south of West Grove, referring to the meeting as New West Grove. They used this location until 1901 when they built a grey limestone structure at 124 Prospect Avenue in West Grove that was used until the 1920's. The State Road property now is part of the Western Quarterly, probably under the care of West Grove Monthly and is used for occasional special events.

West Grove Preparative (Orthodox - Historic)

Harmony Road near US 1

West Grove was set up in 1789 by New Garden Monthly after having been an indulged meeting since 1787. In 1787, a brick meeting house was built and land for a burial ground set aside on land given by William Jackson. In 1919 the meeting was transferred to West Grove Monthly. Several alterations to the meeting house took place, until, in 1903, it was replaced by the much larger current two story brick building.