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New Garden Monthly

New Garden

Set up in 1718 by Chester Quarterly and then transferred to Western Quarterly in 1758.

Component meetings initially were: New Garden Preparative, London Grove Preparative, West Grove Preparative, Fallowfield Indulged, Spencers Indulged, Pennsgrove Indulged, and London Britain Preparative.

After the Separation, the following meetings were added to the Hicksite branch of the meeting: Pennsgrove Preparative and Avondale Indulged.

New Garden Monthly now meets in the meeting house erected by the original New Garden Preparative on Newark Road, retained by the Hicksite branch after the Separation.

875 Newark Road
Toughkenamon, PA 19374

London Britain Preparative

London Britain

Rte 896 above Stricklersville

Established in 1842 by New Garden Monthly after having been an indulged meeting since 1834. The first meetings were held in the home of Richard Chambers of White Clay Hundred in 1824. Later that year, the meeting purchased an acre and a half of land for a meeting house and graveyard.. The meeting was laid down sometime after 1928 and its membership was transferred to West Grove Preparative. The property is now held by New Garden Monthly meeting.

New Garden Meetinghouse

New Garden


875 Newark Road
Toughenamon, PA 19374
Phone: 610-268-3822

New Garden Preparative

Newark Road, Toughkenamon, New Garden twp., Chester County, PA. Originally set up in 1715 by Newark Monthly after being an indulged meeting since 1713. Early meetings were held in the home of John Miller in 1713 and in 1715, a log meeting house was built. In 1743 a red brick addition was added to the south end of the building, followed by a north end enlargement in 1790. A large burial ground is laid out to the south of the meeting house.