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Fallowfield Monthly


Established in 1811 by Western Quarterly. The initial meetings under Fallowfield were Fallowfield Preparative and Doe Run Preparative (also known as Derry Meeting).

The Orthodox branch of this meeting was laid down in 1838 and its members were attached to the Orthodox London Grove Monthly.

The Hicksite branch of this meeting continued to meet in the meeting house of the Fallowfield Preparative meeting. Component meetings added after the Separation were Homeville Indulged and Homeville Preparative (also known as Oxford during this period).


800 Doe Run Road
Coatesville, PA 19320

Doe Run Preparative

Doe Run

Whitehorse Road at Greenlawn, Londonderry twp., Chester County, PA

Also known as Derry or Londonderry Meeting. Set up in 1811 by Fallowfield Monthly, having had meetings for worship from 1805 to 1808 and as an indulged meeting from 1808 to 1811. In 1808, Joshua and Mary Jackson donated a bit over of an acre of land, upon which was built a red brick meeting house and a burial ground was plotted.At the time of the Separation, the property was retained by the Hicksite branch. The burial ground is now under the care of Fallowfield Monthly.


White Horse Road at Greenlawn

Fallowfield (Orthodox - Historic)

Existence Date Range: 

At the time of the Great Separation the Hicksite portion of the Fallowfield Preparative meeting had retained the orignial grounds and meetinghouse and the Orthodox faction met unitl 1841 in the original log structure that had been erected in 1794. IN 1841, they purchased a lot on the northern side of Ercildoun and erected a small meetinghouse. A burial ground that remains to this day was also established. The meetighouse itself is gone and the property is now in use by another religious organization. Theburial ground remains, surrounded by a sturdy stone wall.


Doe Run Road north of Wilmington road
Ercildoun, PA

Fallowfield Preparative

Doe Run and Buck Run Roads, Ercildoun, Chester Co. PA Set up in 1796 by London Grove Monthly after having been established as an Faloowfield Indulged meeting under the care of New Garden Monthly from sometime prior to 1792. Early meetings were held in the home of George Welsh until 1794 when an acre of land was purchased and a log meeting house erected. In 1797 an adjoining acre of land was purchased from Matthew Welsh, followed by 107 perches of land purchased in 1814 from Thomas Welsh. In 1801, a one story brick meeting house was built a short distance from the original log structure.