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Goshen Monthly

Goshen Hicksite

Set up in 1722 by Chester Quarterly (now Concord Quarterly)

Pre-Separation or Orthodox component meetings were: Goshen Preparative, Newtown Preparative, Willistown Preparative and Whiteland Preparative.

Hicksite branch component meetings were: Goshen Preparative, Newtown Preparative, Whiteland Preparative and Willistown Preparative.

The Hicksite Goshen Preparative was the forerunner of the modern day Goshen Monthly. 


814 North Chester Road
West Chester, PA 19380
Phone: 484-639-9319

Goshen Preparative (Orthodox - Historic)

Goshen Orthodox

Set up in 1702 as an indulged meeting by Chester Monthly and 1703 as a preparative meeting in 1703. When Goshen Monthly was established in 1722, this meeting became part of it. At the time of the Separation, the Hicksite branch retained the meeting house and burial ground. Both branches continued to use the meeting house until 1849 when the Orthodox branch purchased land adjoining the original meeting, building a small meeting house and laying out a burial ground.

Whiteland Preparative: Hicksite (historic)

Whiteland Prep (H)
Existence Date Range: 
Parent Meeting: 

Set up in 1822 by Goshen Monthly with the approval of Concord Quarterly. A meetinghouse and burial ground were established just south of the Lincoln Highway between Malvern and Frazer.


Malin Road
Frazer, PA