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Sadsbury Monthly


First set up in 1737 by Chester Quarterly (later Concord Quarterly), upon the recommendation of New Garden Monthly. In 1758, the meeting was attached to the newly formed Western Quarterly and in 1800 was joined to Caln Quarterly.

Pre-Separation or Orthodox components: Columbia Indulged, Columbia Preparative (Hempfield), Lampeter Preparative (Leacock), Lancaster Indulged, River Indulged, East Sadsbury Indulged and Bart Indulged.

Hicksite components: Bart Preparative, Cambridge Preparative, Lampeter Preparative, Sadsbury Preparative, Columbia Indulged, East Sadsbury Indulged, Bradford Indulged (Romansville) and Coatesville Indulged.


1089 Simmontown Road
Gap, PA 17527
Phone: 610-593-7004

East Sadsbury Indulged (Historic)

Existence Date Range: 

An indulged meeting for East Sadsbury was established in 1810 by Sadsbury Monthly, but was discontinued in 1813. A second indulged meeting was established in 1819 under the care of Sadsbury Preparative and the meeting for worship was established in 1820.

The Orthodox branch of the meeting was discontinued in 1868 and its members were transferred to Sadsbury meeting. THe Hicksite branch was discontinued in 1858 and transferred to Sadsbury Preparative.

Lampeter Preparative


Set up originally in 1732 by New Garden Monthly as Leacock Preparative, this meeting had operated as an indulged meeting under Sadsbury Preparative since 1728, form the home of Hattill Varman in Leacock township. When Sadsbury Monthly Meeting was established in 1737, this meeting became a part of it. In 1748, the meeting requested that it be allowed to move to Bird-in-Hand and in 1749, two and a half acres of land were purchased from John McNab and Joseph Steer. In 1751, the meeting's name was changed to Lampeter Preparative to relect the new location.


Rte 340
Bird In Hand, PA

Lancaster Indulged Meeting

Existence Date Range: 

A meeting for worship at Lancaster was established in 1753 by Sadsbury Monthly and a plot of land purchased from James Hamilton on South Queen Street between Vine and German streets. The meeting was laid down in 1802 and its members transferred to Lampeter Preparative.

Romansville Preparative (historic)

Existence Date Range: 
Parent Meeting: 


Shadyside Road north of Strasburg Road
Romansville, PA

Sadsbury Preparative

Set up about 1725 by New Garden Monthly after having functioned as an indulged meeting since 1723. The meeting was transferred to Sadsbury Monthly when that meeting was established in 1737.