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Bradford Monthly


Set up in 1737 by Chester Quarterly with the consent of Newark Monthly (later Kennett) and Concord Monthly. In 1758, when Western Quarterly was set up, this meeting became a part and then was transferred to Caln Quarterly when that meeting was set up in 1800. Monthly meetings alternated between the meeting houses of Bradford Preparative and Caln Preparative until 1911 when they began to be held in the new meetinghouse of Caln Preparative which was erected at Sixth and Chestnut streets in Coatesville.

Initial component meetings were Bradford Preparative, Caln Preparative, Cambridge Indulged, Sadsbury Preparative and West Caln Preparative.

After the Separation, the Hicksite component meetings were: Bradford Preparative, Caln Preparative, Cambridge Indulged, Cambridge Preparative, Romansville Preparative and West Caln Preparative.


Marshsllton, PA 19382
Phone: 610-692-4215

Bradford Preparative

Junction of Strasburg and Northbrook roads, Marshallton, Chester County, PA

Caln Preparative

Old Caln

Kings Highway (Rte 340) near Baily Rd., Coatesville, Chester County, PA The meeting was first set up in 1716 by Concord Monthly and an acre of ground for a meeting house and burial ground was purchased from John Mendenhall, at the edge of the "old Pim place at the foot of the hill". Meetings were held there until 1726, when 4 acres of land were purchased from Richard Pake and a three room stone structure erected, which is today known as "Old Caln" meetinghouse. In 1737 the meeting was transferred to the care of Bradford Monthly.

Cambridge Indulged

Cambridge, Honey Brook twp., Chester County, PA

Set up by Bradford Monthly on land donated by Solomon and Catherine Landas in 1824. A frame meeting house was erected and a cemetery was laid out. At some point the graveyard was enclosed by a stone wall. At the time of the Separation, the property was retained by the Hicksite branch and the Orthodox branch was laid down. In 1830, the Hicksite meeting's status was changed and it became Cambridge Preparative.

Cambridge Preparative


North and Lombard St., Cambridge, Honey Brook twp., Chester County, PA

Raised to an preparative meeting by Bradford Monthly in 1830 from the original Cambridge Indulged. The meeting was laid down in 1852 and the meetinghouse fell into decay. The graveyard is still accessible in Cambridge, the western-most of two cemeteries along North St.

West Caln Preparative

Kings Highway, near Wagontown, Chester County, PA

Set up by Bradford Monthly in 1756, after being an indulged meeting since 1741. In 1747, 2 acres of land was purchased from Evan Lewis with part set aside for a burial ground. In 1756, a meetinghouse was built. After the Separation, both sides continued to use the meeting house, which had been retained by the Orthodox branch. The Hicksite branch was laid down in 1846 and the Orthodox side in 1908.