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Philadelphia Yearly


Pre-Separation or Orthodox: Philadelphia Quarterly, Chester Quarterly, Bucks Quarterly, Western Quarterly, Warrington and Fairfax Quarterly, Abington Quarterly, Caln Quarterly, Concord Quarterly and Burlington/Bucks Quarterly

Hicksite: Burlington Quarterly, Haddonfield Quarterly, Salem Quarterly, Abington Quarterly, Bucks Quarterly, Concord Quarterly, Western Quarterly, Caln Quarterly and Philadelphia Quarterly

Modern: Abington Quarterly, Bucks Quarterly, Burlington Quarterly, Caln Quarterly, Chester Quarterly, Concord Quarterly, Haverford Quarterly, Haddonfield Quarterly, Philadelphia Quarterly, Salem Quarterly, Southern Quarterly, Upper Susquehanna Quarterly and Western Quarterly.

Abingdon Quarterly


Set off from Philadelphia Quarterly by Philadelphia Yearly in 1785 at Abington's request.

Bucks Quarterly


Set up in 1683 by Philadelphia Yearly

Burlington/Bucks Quarterly (historic)

Formed in 1898 by Philadelphia Yearly when decreased membership prompted a merger between Bucks Quarterly and Burlington Quarterly.

Pre-Separation or Orthodox Component meetings in PA: Falls Monthly, Middletown Monthly (Neshaminy) and Buckingham Monthly

Caln Quarterly


Caln Quarterly was established in 1800 by Philadelphia Yearly by a division in Chester Quarterly and Western Quarterly.

The original (pre-Separation and/or Orthodox Component meetings were:Bradford Monthly, Sadsbury Monthly, Uwchlan Monthly and Robeson Monthly.

After the Separation, the Hicksite branch component meetings were: Bradford Monthly, Sadsbury Monthly, Uwchlan Monthly and Bradford-Uwchlan Monthly.

Chester Quarterly


Set up in 1683 under Philadelphia Yearly. Renamed to Concord Quarterly in 1800.

Concord Quarterly


Set up in 1683 as Chester Quarterly under Philadelphia Yearly. In 1800 the name was changed to Concord Quarterly when a division took place in the original quarter.

Haverford Quarterly


Set up in 1955 by Philadelphia Yearly out of a division of Concord Quarterly and Philadelphia Quarterly.

Its component meetings are: Haverford Monthly, Merion Monthly, Newtown Square Monthly, Old Haverford Monthly, Radnor Monthly, Valley Monthly and Willistown Monthly.

Philadelphia Quarterly


Set up in 1682 under Philadelphia Yearly

Pre-split or Orthodox: Philadelphia Monthly, Tacony and Poetquesink Monthly, Abington Monthly, Radnor Monthly, Newark Monthly, Gwynedd Monthly, Exeter Monthly, Richland Monthly, Northern District Monthly, Southern District Monthly, Horsham Monthly, Robeson Monthly, Catawissa Monthly, Muncy Monthly, Roaring Creek Monthly, Western District Monthly, Green Street Monthly and Haverford Monthly.

Warrington and Fairfax Quarterly (historic)


Set up in 1776 by Philadelphia Yearly. Split into Warrington Quarterly and Fairfax Quarterly in 1787 Pre-Separation or Orthodox: Warrington Monthly, Menallen Monthly and York Monthly

Western Quarterly

Established in 1758 by Philadelphia Yearly as a result of a division of Chester Quarterly. The quarterly first met at London Grove until 1827 and then alternated between West Grove, London Grove and New Garden until 1903 when the West Grove meeting house was rebuilt and enlarged.

The original (pre-Separation and/or Orthodox Component meetings were: Bradford Monthly, Fallowfield Monthly, Kennett Monthly, London Grove Monthly, Newark Monthly, New Garden Monthly, Sadsbury Monthly and Warrington Monthly.