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Nottingham Quarterly

Nottingham Quarter 1850

Set up in 1819 when the Nottingham Monthly meeting and its components were transferred from Philadelphia Yearly to Baltimore Yearly. At the time of the Separation, the majority of the group was Hicksite. The Hicksite branch had the following component meetings in the latter part of the 1800's: Nottingham Monthly, Little Britain Monthly and Deer Creek Monthly.

The attached image shows the map of the Nottingham Quarter in 1850, provided in Levi Brown's book documenting the early Quaker meetings.

Deer Creek Monthly

Deer Creek
Existence Date Range: 
1760 - present
Parent Meeting: 


Main St
Darlington, MD

Little Britain Monthly

Set up in 1804 by Concord Quarterly, transferred to Nottingham Quarterly under Baltimore Yearly in 1819. At the time of the Separation, this meeting was laid down and its Orthodox members were transferred to Little Britain Preparative Meeting. The component meetings were Drumore Preparative, Little Britain-Eastland Preparative, Little Britain-Penn Hill Preparative, and Little Britain Preparative.