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Chesapeake Quarterly

Chesapeake Quarterly was formed from the combining of the two former Baltimore Quarters, the original Baltimore Quarter and the more recent Potomac Quarterly. The former Baltimore Quarterly had originally been called the Quarterly Meeting for the Western Shore and met at West River until 1785, at which point it moved to Baltimore.

In 1850, the map of Baltimore Quarter included York, Gunpowder, Little Falls, Forest, Diamond Ridge, Elkridge, Baltimore (two meetings) and Sandy Spring.

Annapolis Friends


351 Dubois Road
Annapolis, MD 214001
Phone: 410-573-0364

Baltimore Monthly - Stony Run Meeting

Stony Run evolved from the Hicksite branch of the former Baltimore Western District meeting, which in turn had been created from the division in 1807 of the orignal Baltimore Monthly Meeting. The Hicksite Western District meeting changed its name in 1864 to Baltimore Monthly Meeting and in 1889 they moved to the Park Avenue meeting house. WHen they began to meet at Friends School on Charles street in 1944 they changed their name to Baltimore Monthly Meeting, Stony Run.


Charles St.
Baltimore, MD

Baltimore Monthly: Homewood Friends


3107 North Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218
Phone: 410-235-4438

Elkridge Friends


Elkridge Meeting was first organized about 1774 under the care of Gunpowder Meeting as part of the Baltimore Quarter. The stone meetinghouse was built about 1800 and is now a private residence. In 1799, the meeting became part of Baltimore Monthly Meeting and was discontinued sometime before 1875.


Gunpowder Friends



14394 Priceville Road
Sparks Glencoe, MD 21152
Phone: 410-472-4583

Little Falls Friends

Little Falls

Little Falls was first established as a worship group under the care of Gunpowder Meeting in 1747, becoming a preparative meeting in 1752. In 1815, it became a Monthly Meeting under Baltimore Quarter in 1815.


719 Old Fallston Road
Fallston, MD 21047
Phone: 410-877-3015

Patapsco Friends

Existence Date Range: 
08/2002 MM of Chesapeake QM
Parent Meeting: 


2331 Calvin Circle
Ellicott City, MD 21042

Patuxent Friends

Existence Date Range: 
1995 MM by Annapolis MM
Parent Meeting: 

The modern day Patuxent Meeting in Lusby began as a worship group in 1980 under the care of Annapolis Meeting. In 1995, Patuxent became a Monthly Meeting under Baltimore Yearly Meeting.


12175 Southern Connector Blvd
Lusby, MD 20657-2856
Phone: 410-394-1233

Sandy Spring Friends

Sandy Spring


17715 Meetinghouse Road
Sandy Spring, MD 20860
Phone: 301-774-9792

Seneca Valley Preparative

Seneca Valley Preparative Friends currently meet at the Boyds Presbyterian church in Boyds, using the upstairs of the Fellowship Hall.


White Ground Road
Boyds, MD