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Baltimore Yearly


Centre Quarterly


Centre Quarterly was set up in 1835 by Baltimore Yearly at the request of Dunnings Creek, West Branch and Centre Monthly meetings and its first meeting was held at the Dunnings Creek meetinghouse.

Chesapeake Quarterly

Chesapeake Quarterly was formed from the combining of the two former Baltimore Quarters, the original Baltimore Quarter and the more recent Potomac Quarterly. The former Baltimore Quarterly had originally been called the Quarterly Meeting for the Western Shore and met at West River until 1785, at which point it moved to Baltimore.

In 1850, the map of Baltimore Quarter included York, Gunpowder, Little Falls, Forest, Diamond Ridge, Elkridge, Baltimore (two meetings) and Sandy Spring.

Nottingham Quarterly

Nottingham Quarter 1850

Set up in 1819 when the Nottingham Monthly meeting and its components were transferred from Philadelphia Yearly to Baltimore Yearly. At the time of the Separation, the majority of the group was Hicksite. The Hicksite branch had the following component meetings in the latter part of the 1800's: Nottingham Monthly, Little Britain Monthly and Deer Creek Monthly.

The attached image shows the map of the Nottingham Quarter in 1850, provided in Levi Brown's book documenting the early Quaker meetings.

Warrington Quarterly

Warrington Quarter 1850

Set up in 1787 as a result of the division of Warrington and Fairfax Quarterly.

Initially, the quarter was made up of Pipe Creek Monthly, Menallen Monthly, Warrington Monthly and York Monthly.

Modern day Warrington Quarterly is made up of the following meetings: Carlisle Monthly, Frederick Monthly, Gettysburg Monthly, Menallen Monthly, Pipe Creek Monthly, Warrington Monthly and York Monthly.