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Warrington Monthly

Set up as a monthly meeting by Chester Quarterly (now Concord Quarterly), after having been an indulged meeting under Sadsbury Preparative. Early meetings were held in the home of William Garretson in Warrington. The meeting was attached to Western Quarterly when that meeting was established in 1758, and in 1776, was part of the Warrington-Fairfax Quarterly meeting until 1789 when that quarter was split into two bodies: Warrington Quarterly and Fairfax Quarterly, at which time this meeting was joined to Warrington Quarterly.

At the time of the Separation, the Hicksite branch retained the meeting house and grounds, and the Orthodox branch was apparently laid down.


Route 74 at Quaker Meeting Road
Wellsville, PA

Huntingdon Preparative Meeting

Existence Date Range: 
about 1739 - 1885

Huntingdon Preparative meeting was established priotr to 1739 by Sadsbury Monthly, as noted by the following minute from Sadsbury:

"There being divers families of Friends of late settled on the west side of the Susquehanna, some of them have produced certificates to this meeting from Kenet (Kennett), where they formerly dwelt, the Friends of the settlement being desirous of a toleration from this meeting to hold meetings for worship every fourth day of the week for six months time which request is granted."


Quaker Church Road
York Springs, PA