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Meeting Data

In this section of our site will be found the information about indivdual meetings, organized within their quarterly groups. 

Current, Post-Separation Meetings

The meetings in this section are all current, modern meetings, linked to their fore-runners, historically.

Hicksite Meetings

Meetings from the era of the Hicksite branch will be found in this section.

Pre-Separation Meetings

Under this heading will appear the meetings that were fore-runners of the modern Quaker meetings.

Virginia Yearly (historic)

Existence Date Range: 

When Virginia Yearly was laid down in 1843, it was accepted into Baltimore Yearly as a Half-Years Meeting. In 1912, it became a Quarterly Meeting. By 1969, it was only meeting twice a year and in 1976, it changed its name back to Virginia Half-Year's Meeting. The meeting was laid down in 1983.