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About This Site

At this point in time, we are only covering meetings belonging to the Baltimore and Philadelphia Yearly meetings. For the sake of simplicity, data about the meetings on this site is divided into sections based on the Quarterly meetings to which each belongs. As a result, there may be some confusion about where individual meetings are located, but it is hoped that the historic information included will help locate the various meetings. In cases where a meeting belonged to more than one quarter over time, it is placed in its most recent quarter.

In addition to the current meetings, information is included on meetings which no longer exist, especially those that had burial grounds, as these are still of interest to genealogy researchers and are often the hardest to locate. The information about some of these meetings becomes rather difficult to track, especially in cases where the meeting house or burial ground involved came about as a result of the Separation. Though the two major factions have since re-united, many of these meeting houses and burial gorunds are still in existence but no longer have an easily recognizable connection to the modern meetings.To try to allevaiae some of the confusion, these properties will be found under the modern Monthly or Quarterly meeting and designated asfollows:

  • Pre-Separation: (PRE)
  • Hicksite: (H)
  • Orthodox: (O)